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11:22 PM | 2021-04-12
"Why does my life feel so fuckin weird right now?"

- Me, to myself, in the shower
01:22 PM | 2021-04-09
Hi, Aaron!
09:10 PM | 2021-03-30
I somehow managed to book my first vaccine dose for tomorrow, and then immediately got an email that my rollerblades had shipped. hot girl summer: activate
08:55 PM | 2021-03-22
did you know that it's always 100 degrees fahrenheit in my apartment thanks for your time

(still the best apartment though)
01:18 PM | 2021-03-17
I'm doing a bunch of research about various trans history things, and this is the first time that i've engaged heavily with wikipedia's automatically generated lists, like this

they're very cool and i'm so glad they exist
06:54 PM | 2021-03-12
I'll tell ya what, it was not easy to find a hacky sack in new york city but I did it
11:46 AM | 2021-02-27
I'm feeling quiet these days <3
10:45 AM | 2021-02-18
it's cute out
08:38 AM | 2021-02-03
arca is absolutely carrying me through rn tysm
12:00 PM | 2021-02-02
hmmmmmmm, it seems github pages might be having some build problems?
08:38 AM | 2021-02-02
I'm taking a swing at using a light theme terminal hope we can still be friends
11:12 PM | 2021-01-23
I just attended a birthday party on gamer slack where everyone watched an opera together (nothing fancy, just roughly synced up on each person's own computer), and it worked so well and was really fun
09:44 AM | 2021-01-21
Wow pomegranate Schweppes seltzer i'm in love
08:08 PM | 2021-01-16
She opens her window. "Fuck you Scott!" she screams toward the park. Three Scotts flinch. She closes her window.
06:26 PM | 2021-01-14
added support for linkifying gopher and gemini links (even though I use neither?) and I have a four day weekend. word.
09:22 AM | 2021-01-12
Yesterday I didn't take a walk after work and it tanked my evening. I won't make that mistake again tonight!
08:08 PM | 2021-01-11
every blogging strategy is fundamentally unsatisfying and we are destined to shave this yak forever
07:54 PM | 2021-01-06
"Not only do I have strong opinions about programming languages, but they're also...correct." - Shanti, just now
09:34 PM | 2021-01-05
05:24 PM | 2021-01-04
i found my favorite lost pants in my apartment today thanks for your support everyone
01:29 PM | 2021-01-03
increasingly confident this is the most beautiful song that exists
07:19 PM | 2021-01-02
"I've just been getting out of the shower for the last nine months."
08:59 AM | 2021-01-02
Do nomad and nixos have some kind of special relationship with each other? or do people who like nomad just also tend to like nixos, and so more often use (and write about) nixos on nomad nodes?
03:01 PM | 2020-12-31
what if moving to circleci doesn't actually solve anyone's problems
10:04 PM | 2020-12-30
for dinner i'm having cheesy bread and a glass of milk thankyouverymuch
04:20 PM | 2020-12-22
Twine is still being actively developed and is really fun :)
03:39 PM | 2020-12-16
Is github down?
12:39 PM | 2020-12-14
Went on the roof. The roof is so good.
10:37 PM | 2020-12-10
god fucking dammit covid is so fucking awful
10:55 PM | 2020-12-08
I'm having a weekend Wednesday this week, which is an idea I got from a friend. I'm really looking forward to it! This is definitely the nicest-feeling Tuesday night I've had in a bit.
04:24 PM | 2020-12-06
OK I wrote some bugs, hopefully I've now unwritten those bugs :)
04:12 PM | 2020-12-06
Thoughts should support deployment on GitHub pages out of the box now. This post is part of me checking that.
12:34 PM | 2020-12-06
Update re:

I went and got the water bottle off the roof. It was time.
12:49 AM | 2020-12-06
The random-seeming post below was for the blog post I recently published about Thoughts -- sorry about that!
03:20 PM | 2020-12-05
Here's an example of one complete thoughts post.

This is what the variable blob holds in the above code block.
02:31 PM | 2020-12-05
There's an empty one-liter bottle of Pepsi that's on the roof of the building next to me. It's been there since I moved in a month ago. When it's windy, it blows around and makes empty one-liter bottle of Pepsi sounds. My fire escape makes it easy to get onto that roof and retrieve the bottle, but I think I like it where it is.
02:04 AM | 2020-12-05
I want to believe that I've shaved all remaining yaks, but I'm sure I'll eventually find another one

I've now since eliminated my website altogether, replaced my blog with a totally managed thing at , and am using as a landing page. I like it for now but who knows how long this setup will stick around since I OBVIOUSLY HAVE A PROBLEM
08:05 AM | 2020-11-28
Hello from my personal Macbook I'm very sorry.
06:07 PM | 2020-11-23
And also because they deserve money for being so beautiful and pure :sparkles:
06:05 PM | 2020-11-23
OK I spent thirty minutes hacking at Thoughts' internals to see if I could work it into the existing setup described here

I'm really proud of myself for deciding that maybe it's possible but it would be necessary to super rework the whole thing and that's not a great use of time so I'm not going to! Is this maturity? Resignation? Either way, I think it's a success.

That being said, I have ported my site from notion to this new framework and I'm putting it up now. Gonna use ~neocities~ for hosting for absolute maximum simplicity :D
04:30 AM | 2020-11-22
I've gotten really obsessed with the website strategy implemented at

The strategy is to make your multi-page site just one html file, but hide and show content with anchor tags and CSS :target. This way when you go to the site, your client has actually already downloaded the entire site and no new http requests get made. You can read on the train! You can save to disk easily! Wow, so fun.
07:56 AM | 2020-11-19
Last night I had a (highly uninformed, I'm not a database person) theory that "databases are the only unsolved software problem that actually matters for human society." I was kinda focused on scale, where I thought maybe the unsolved problem part was about huge databases with lots of simultaneous reads and writes.

I asked my database friend, and after talking about things like "what even is a database?", and "but light has speed", and "how fast can facts go", she basically said "nah it's not a huge problem" :P

If you disagree and would like to explain in simple terms why, please do!
03:46 PM | 2020-11-17
I didn't finish the blog post :(
10:38 PM | 2020-11-13
OK so no abstract thoughts, here's a nonabstract thought: I moved and the new place I'm in is great! It's very warm and cozy, and it'll only take me six months to get set up the way I want :P

I had a month of overlap with my previous apartment, so that loose end isn't tied up yet but will be come December 1st. I'm looking forward to that.

Other things that have happened:
- I got a PO box (just for fun)
- I decided 2020 is the end of the era of the Linux desktop and bought a Macbook
- I wrote some music
- I generally just played music and sang a lot and that's been very nice
- Fingers crossed that I finish a blog post I've been working on for way too long by the end of the weekend
- I danced in the street with my neighbors on the one good day of 2020
10:28 PM | 2020-11-13
What if I just started making posts here that were way more abstract. Like:

The swing of things

I think it always seems in your head like it's gonna be a lot better than it actually is on the page. It has to be wrapped in a song or a bookjacket or something. That being said, I do think that super prolific tweeters are able to make posts like this once they've shitposted enough to have a big context built up.
10:48 PM | 2020-10-31
Sorry for the downtime -- I moved to a new apartment!
12:17 AM | 2020-10-28
A few days ago, a friend talked about how impossible it feels to write blog posts during covid. I'm experiencing the same thing and I'm glad I'm not alone.
12:17 AM | 2020-10-28
The other thing I was just thinking about while failing to fall asleep is "what if my new bedroom is too small for a queen size mattress and I have to go back to a full?"

I haven't moved yet, that happens this weekend, so I won't really know till then.
12:13 AM | 2020-10-28
Somehow I've ended up on an eating/sleeping schedule where I lay down to go to sleep, can't fall asleep, and then realize I'm too hungry to fall asleep (even though I ate a full-sized dinner at a regular time).

So then I get up and eat a bowl of yogurt and granola. I'm not complaining about the yogurt, but I wish I could go to sleep regular.
09:00 PM | 2020-10-20
A blog post that dissects an entire packet, from data-link header through application layer header. I might be using the wrong words. But basically dissect each header in a packet.

Does the header for a given layer get stripped after it passes through the thing that cares about that header? Like, does an XMPP client receive a TCP header or is the TCP header gone by the time it gets to the XMPP client?
12:48 AM | 2020-10-13
Gmail is IMAP throttling me. I just want to move my emails please thanks.
12:20 AM | 2020-10-13
Sleeping problems that have recently returned and I'm just gonna go ahead and blame on covid:

- hard to fall asleep
- wake up easily in the middle of the night
- wake up feeling not rested
- early afternoon, every day, I get so sleepy it takes a lot of effort to avoid an hours-long nap

I could chock this up to being sloppy about exercise again. I should probably do that rather than just throw my hands up and say "it won't get better till after covid"
11:45 PM | 2020-10-10
I left the city to go on a hike today! It was super nice.

Took Metro North to Peekskill and then a car ride to Bear Mountain. The trail was packed but it was still lovely to spend time with friends and a great reminder of how nice hiking can be.

Apparently Peekskill isn't "upstate" because it's in the Hudson Valley, and upstate is "everything other than the Hudson Valley, New York City, and Long Island," but apparently this too is heavily disputed.

I learned that since living in New York, my propensity for car sickness has gotten much worse. I guess because I never ride in cars anymore? It felt silly to feel carsick when I literally spent the last ten years driving around the mountains in Western North Carolina.

The leaves were just starting to turn, the weather was gorgeous, we saw lots of cool bridges, and I've still got my hiking legs :P
12:51 PM | 2020-10-06
Excel is weird, and also a huge gap in my "software I'm comfortable with" list. I should resolve that. Hopefully it's not too far from where I am to good-enough-for-most-work-situations?
04:34 PM | 2020-10-05
These Slack outages are wild. It's incredible how world-stopping it is during covid.
12:44 AM | 2020-10-05
I've subscribed to the NANOG mailing list

I'm pretty interested to see what it's like! This was mostly the outcome of doing some rabbit-holing this evening learning about the different internet governance bodies, how they relate to each other, and what their respective concerns are. Things I learned:

- ICANN is at the top, and is concerned with root zone management, other DNS things, and technical policy

- IANA is under ICANN and is concerned about IP block allocation to Regional Internet registries (RIRs)

- RIRs are autonomous from ICANN, and there are five of them (plus a sixth that's really just a different thing that the five RIR's participate in, and through which they advocate for their collective interests to IANA and ICANN)

- ARIN is the American Registry for Internet Numbers and is the North American RIR. ARIN allocates the IP blocks that it gets from IANA to Local Internet Registries (ISPs, Universities, probably big companies like Amazon and Google, etc. I think that if you get an IP block in a permanent-and-forever way in North America then you get it from ARIN)

- IETF is focused on protocol standards (maybe almost exclusively TCP/IP? But then also I think all RFCs come out of the IETF, so that can't be right), but very surprising to me IETF is run under ISOC? This might be a very recent change, and also the tea might be in this RFC

After charting some of this out, I learned that NOGs exist, subbed to nanog-l, and also learned that there's a New York Network Operators Group

There's lots to learn about!
11:59 PM | 2020-10-03
The world in which IPv6 was a good design

And three years later:

IPv4, IPv6, and a sudden change in attitude
11:46 PM | 2020-10-03
It's tempting to go on a big thoughts-posts spree right now, so I think I may.

Right now I'm reading a book that I might have overly-high hopes for called Tubes. You can read about it here:

It's about the physical structure of the internet. One day, I'd love to do work that can be roughly described as "helping to run the internet," and I'm hopeful to get some insight about what that work could look like from reading this book.
06:45 PM | 2020-10-03
I'm unusually excited about giving this tiny joke project a public domain dedication
01:20 PM | 2020-10-03
Hello! I'm starting fresh with a new thoughts page. If you'd like to see everything I posted prior to this, my previous thoughts are still preserved in source control. You can view this page as it was prior to this reset here:

Now that Thoughts is mostly stable, I figured it was time to start this page again. I'll be able to better avoid broken links, and weird broken posts as a result of developing Thoughts while also using it (I never did take the time to create a real testing environment for myself :P).

Be well!